Life is good!

Yes it's my friend the cardinal once again. I figured with Christmas next week, the cardinal's days are numbered so I thought I'd give him one more look as my Christmas icon.

This has been such an incredible year! It started out great with being accepted to Valley Artisan's Market and ended with an incredible holiday shopping event at Samantha's Cafe where they are carrying my ornaments and scarves and soon my little framed pieces(not to mention the fantastic food, try the Thai chicken salad). So exciting. The Katbird Shop is celebrating it's triumphant 6th anniversary and the Albany Shaker Museum has had a great year too. I hope all this good news is a harbinger of good things to come for the arts and the artists.

My family is well too. My hubby is doing great and happy in his job. My son had a great year in college and completed his first job. My dog is reasonably healthy and life is good here too.

I had lots of fun driving all over the upstate region with my friend Cheryl. We did so many galleries and cool lunches all over the map. And my friend Emily has her kids nearby and one of them is getting married next year so there is something to look forward to next year and we had lot's of good Tuesday mornings at Panera's. My friend Debbie got married this year(they are the perfect couple of the bear). And I was delighted to find many old friends on Facebook and running into a couple of unexpected friends at the track. It was great reconnecting with them.

And then there is the whole embroidery thing. This is the year I realized just how lucky I am to have such a beautiful meditative passion. The world disappears when I am embroidering. I become silent(quite a feat), peaceful and if I work to music(like the Black Keys who I just discovered have been around a lot longer then I thought) I am just so joyful and happy. And thanks to both Kathy at the Katbird and Jennifer at Samanthas I can knit and crochet every once in a while too. Such a wonderful thing to love what you do and to be able to do it.

So that's why my life is good, what great things have happened to you this year?


Crazy Woman said…
First off, congratulations on all of the wonderful things happening in your life! Especially seeing your own items sold in a cafe, that must feel amazing. Your embroidery is beautiful and your posts about how it makes you feel are definitely inspiring me to pick up the hobby :)

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