Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Little Peace

Hi All! It's been a little longer break then I wished it to be. I misplaced my usb cord in with my embroidery supplies(the obvious place really) and after a few days of looking in all the places it should have been it miraculously showed up in with my embroidery supplies. It's become quite obvious that after this wonderful holiday season dies down a good organizing session(or several) will definitely be in my day planner.

I'm having a tremendous holiday season as so many of my artist friends are. I think the buy local, buy handmade emphasis has made such a difference. And I'm hopeful that perhaps so many people will love their beautiful handmade gifts(and ornaments) that a tradition will be started and that there will be as many people shopping at their local gallery or gift store as there are camping outside Walmart on Black Friday. It's a pretty optimistic hope but a good one.

Since this blog is supposed to be about hand embroidery and not a sales pitch, that will be my last commentary on the business side of my business. I am sleeping, eating and breathing embroidery at the moment and I'm happy to say I'm happy. A tall order due to the melancholy nature of this particular time of year in my life. I don't think it's the wonderful business(although that is really wonderful) I think it is the reality that if I embroider every day I am a happier person. It's wonderful being so busy that you can't really ponder anything more then how many more ornaments you need or how much you enjoy the french knots or tiny little stitches. It makes all the little stresses disappear with each tiny little stitch. Talking to Em this morning we were talking about a letdown after Christmas but I think the last few months(most of the year)have shown me that you just have to do something you love, have great pride and care doing it and let the universe have it's way with you. It's not about the business it's about being passionate enough about something to do the hard work that is required and following through. If I had to pick one thing different this year that would be it. To make the most beautiful ornament or piece that I can, something I am proud of and then let it go and start the next hopefully beautiful piece. It's really just that simple. I love making these things and my only hope is that someone else will love them too. And I'm happier so life is good.

About that melancholy time of year, it is the time when all the losses and regrets seem to rear their ugly head, just do something you love whether it's baking cookies, painting a landscape or embroidering an ornament and it may not make that melancholy time of year disappear but it will make it easier for you to deal with it. Make that a gift you give yourself. If you don't know what that missing piece is give yourself the gift of learning something you've always wanted to learn. Spanish, Italian, pottery making, knitting whatever it is. We all have some kind of answer to our woes sometimes we just have to look for them. If my pep talk doesn't work then look at the ornament at the top of this page and I hope it gives you a little peace and a little bit of happiness. Best wishes and blessings. Back to the embroidery.

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Diane J. Evans said...

So happy you are comfortably ensconced in your passion -- it's the only thing we can wish for any artist, and I do hope it continues to give you peace. Your work is lovely.