Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have Love Will Travel

Have Love Will Travel!! And boy have my little love hearts traveled all over upstate NY and beyond! I mentioned yesterday that my hearts have become an "overnight" success. Not really so overnight, but whatever. Now they are carried at Katbird Shop in Schenectady, Desolation Road in Altamont, Valley Artisans Market in Cambridge, Samantha's Cafe in Glens Falls and Seven Sisters Gift Shop in North Creek. Maybe you are unfamiliar with the beautiful capital region and Adirondacks up here in upstate NY but the closest location to my house is Schenectady and that is a half hour away. I usually go with my artistic friend Cheryl so don't feel too sorry for me. We travel, chat, eat and make art. Life is good. I also forgot to mention Albany Shaker which has closed after the Christmas season. I sold so many hearts there that I'm sure some of them traveled to places more exotic but not necessarily more beautiful then upstate NY. If you happened to get one and you happen to read my blog please tell me where my love has traveled to. Thanks in advance!

There is another purpose for this particular blog post. Have Love Will Travel is on Thickfreakness(and yes I get a lot of joy from liking a CD named Thickfreakness) by the Black Keys. It's a cover so if you don't like them you can look for a different version. I have and I still like the Black Keys version. In the song there is a line that says I find me a girl who can satisfy me. Now I'm sure if you are a singer in a rock and roll band that is probably true, but for the rest of us maybe not. There is a particular lovely lady in my universe who seems to think she has no life unless there is a man in it. My advice for her is find your own satisfaction and then the man will come. This works in finding a lady, finding a job, finding a hobby,etc. Coming from a background of unexpressed grief, it's easy to understand the idea that anything external, which can get you out of your pain, is the answer. My husband of 24 years can probably tell you not quite. He's been a steady,stable influence most of my adult life. I can honestly say that it wasn't until I dealt with my grief issues, and all of the issues that come from being a traumatized child with a dazzling smile and the ability to make people laugh, that things changed for me. I could make anyone comfortable talking about anything, because to be honest almost anything you can think of good and bad has happened in my own life.

Then I found the beauty and peace and meditation of hand embroidery. It's my thing. It brings me to my center and I feel a certain peace in my happy tortured soul. For some insane reason the Black Keys do that for me too, but that is probably because now I can remember the happy go lucky tortured soul I was before my mother died. I love to dance and believe me, if you know me, you are going to see the pounds just melt off of me because I am dancing while washing the dishes, dancing while doing the laundry. It seems the only times the headphones come off is when I'm in the shower and I'm looking for a waterproof Zune. The only downside to this is that I often sing along and I am not a very good singer and my family really doesn't know what to do with a happy Debbie any more then the unhappy one, but we'll all adjust.

Now that being said, find your version of embroidery. A hobby or vocation that makes your heart complete. Go back to your childhood that is usually where it's found. Find a CD that rocks your world and then laugh at yourself because you realize every single word has resonance in your life. If those small changes don't rid you of despair, find a therapist. Find a twelve step program(thankfully I never needed one of those). Find a really good friend who will listen when you are sad and laugh with you when you are happy. Find reasons to wake up every day with a song in your heart. I don't know what song that is for you but for me it is Have Love Will Travel! Blessings and love and I hope the person this message was intended for hears it. Much love to my mom and dad. I miss you and love you and I'm ok!