Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Spring in my step

Well today felt a little bit more like winter, manageable but snowy. I can't really complain about the snow too much though it is the end of January and we usually have a heck of a lot more then this dusting so far. I thought a bird was a great piece to share on this cold, cold, day. So here you have my little goldfinch, she brings a little bit of heat, a little bit of cheery yellow and a little bit of bird love when there are far too few birds to be seen. I hope whereever you are you have a little spring in your step and I'll see you soon!


jude said...

i like your little bird. just so you know, the link to your name when you comment on my blog is incorrect.
it should be but you have it as
which does't link back to you. It is hard for folks to find you that way.

jude said...

and i fixed it on your comment, but if you fix it it will be correct from now on.

Andrea Holme said...

What a cute little goldfinch! We had 50 degrees here in Idaho, so it was very spring-like. It looks like you've been busy lately, can't wait to catch up on your projects!