Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moody Blues

This piece is called Moody Blues. It currently resides at Valley Artisans Market in beautiful Cambridge, NY. I was fortunate enough to work there today. I really love being there, from the drive through the countryside, to the view of the mountains, to the beautiful energy of the other artists and Hubbard Hall, to all the beautiful work I get to look at and the lovely artistic patrons. And I toned down my enthusiasm a little.

Today was no exception. Being so soon after the holidays it was a little slow but I had several lovely customers and browsers. One of the people I met today was a lovely young painter who was thankfully killing some time and making my day a little less quiet. She was taking a painting class but arrived early so as not to be late so we had a lovely conversation about art. I told her we are always looking for artists but her husband is in construction and she moves around a lot. Her next destination is Ireland, which to be honest is a destination I have never been to but would love to see. We talked about her painting and about my embroidery and she made the time go so much faster. She also found the word love in Moody Blues, which I did not put there purposely but was rather excited to find. Sometimes the universe gives us surprises when we aren't looking for them. It was a lovely conversation and she happens to read this I want her to keep following her dream as a painter, find lots of beautiful places in Ireland to paint and then somehow shares them with me so I can imagine myself in the lush greenness.

I also had a wonderful time embroidering and Caroline came in to relieve me. I shared how much I loved a certain piece of hers(it really is beautiful) and she decided to keep it there after considering replacing it. I hope someone else sees the beauty and she still has to replace it. Cecily came in too with some beautiful new cards. She is a wonderful paper artist and will be having a show with Cheryl in May. Can't wait to go the opening and see all the splendor these talented ladies will show.

I hope you enjoy Moody Blues and will go visit Valley Artisans Market next time you are up that way. Gordon Ramsey will be filming a segment of his new show soon so perhaps that will be the time to see somebody famous gallivanting around the beautiful town of Cambridge. Or perhaps just visit the beautiful town of Cambridge, eat some cheesecake made by the monastery of New Skete nuns, listen to a concert at Hubbard hall and visit the Valley Artisans Market and see the beautiful work that resides there. And if you notice the wonderful energy that I feel in the place, please let me know. Keep stitchin.


Diane J. Evans said...

Cambridge sounds delightful -- I'll put it on my list of places to visit. And, yes, the first thing I saw in "Moody Blues" was the word "love." It seems to fit into the piece so well.


tangled stitch said...

Thanks Diane! My husband saw it too. Wasn't intentional though.