Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunny Afternoon

The name of this piece is Sunshine Heart! I picked the title from the Kinks song aptly named Sunny Afternoon. The video for this song features the Kinks singing from a snow filled whatever about a sunny afternoon in the summer. It is morning, it is winter, it is darn cold and it is kind of bleakish at the moment. I felt a strange kinship with the Kinks about this particular song this morning.

I love the Kinks. Have since I'm a little girl. My favorite song of all time is You Really Got Me. I love all the remakes, including Van Halen, who I don't really like to be honest. I used to love to dance to this song . But there are dozens of songs made by them that I adore. Lola(but of course), All Day and All Night, Celluloid Heroes, Come Dancing, well I won't bore you with my Kinks musical favorites, you can go to Youtube and listen for yourself or come up with one of your own. Although I'm sure many people have heard of the Kinks so it's easier to remind you to go and give then a listen then it is to introduce you to them .

Since I'm kinda boring this morning I'll leave you with just this one little tidbit. Go listen to music, let it be a gift you give yourself, you deserve it and there is not enough music in the world today to take away the pains of everyday living, as we can see everyday our nightly newscasts.

What song will you listen to today? I'm fishing for blog titles here so don't be shy.


Crazy Woman said...

She wants Revenge "Animal Attraction"...I love lyrics that really paint a picture! Also I love the heart, my favorite color is yellow :) It's beautiful!

Linda said...

What a great post. Gosh, the Kinks! That is too funny. I remember those songs very well!

You reminded me that I have a list of songs on Playlist and am now listening to Adele's "Make You Feel My Love", which I think is her best song. As far as older groups that do it for me, Earth, Wind, & Fire cause me to embarrass my husband by doing the head-bob dance in the car. Just try sitting still during Shining Star or Boogie Wonderland. ;)

Thanks for the reminder about music. It really is a gift.

tangled stitch said...

I will go listen to both of them right now. Thanks for commenting and feel free to offer more suggestions. I love to find new music!