Saturday, February 4, 2012

French Knots

It seems I've been tied up in French Knots lately. This is called Sailor's Knot and the coloration is more like the larger picture but I thought the small one was kind of cool and it does show the details.

I love French Knots for many reasons. First they are the most mindful stitch in the hand embroidery handbook, you can't be doing 10 different things at the same time as you are doing one french knot. it gives incredible texture to the pieces it is stitched on. Its very versatile, it can be used as one single stitch in the middle of a daisy or you can go hog wild french knotty and make an entire piece out of hundreds and hundreds of french knots. I also think they show the definition and subtlety of each color when colors are changed after a few french knots as illustrated here. But mostly I love them because they are my favorite stitch. If I ever do manage to hand embroider a cocoon for myself, the french knots will have a prominent spot.

Sorry it's been a while but I've been a little knotted up myself. Taking care of all those medical appointments that the beginning of the new year is made for. Great travels with friends and just plain french knottery. I'll keep this brief as I am reading my friend Serena's blog the Artful Vagabond(she's a gourd artist and a fabulous one at that) and her blog is short and to the point. So while I'll still ramble on occasionally(or more often then that, why say something in ten words if you can use dozens). But every once in a while I'm going to try the short and sweet blog entry way(just like myself). See you soon.

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