Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Orange Drops

Hi All! The name of this piece is Orange Drops. It is currently residing at Samantha's Cafe waiting for a more permanent home. I really love the color orange lately. So cheerful and bright. It's been a very strange winter season up here in the Northeast. Good for the people probably not so good for the planet. But it's kind of a weirdish early spring vibe that keeps asking the question about whether global warming could be a possibility or whether it will snow in May.

My life kind of feels like that lately too. Kind of a weirdish vibe. Creative and busy and kinda stuck at points too. Can't put my finger on it really, except I guess to say when I'm working I'm totally engrossed in my projects but it's kind of easy to break my attention stream and lose hours at a time.

I am so fortunate though that I am loving what I am doing and loving all the outlets I'm fortunate enough to have my work in. So life is good and kinda boring which makes for a more boring blog post. I hope all of you are well and hopefully the next blog post won't be as blah as the weather(but kind of springish). See you soon, Blessings!

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Diane J. Evans said...

Orange is one of my favorite colors -- how can you be sad around anything orange?? And I agree that the weather here is anything but exciting. Even a little snow would help.