Amazing Grace

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I live to embroider.  I really do, there is just not really any other way to put it.  Embroidery is my saving and amazing grace.  If I don't embroider every single day I go a little crazy.  You can ask just about anyone who knows me,especially lately they will tell you the same thing.  I love the other needlearts too but I just live to embroider.

I live to hear music.  Nothing makes me happier than embroidering to a great song.  Nothing makes me happier than dancing through my life with a tune in my head.  When I am listening to great music and embroidering I am in my version of heaven.  I just can't explain it any other way.

As you know my entire life has been filled with loss.  But God never takes anything away without leaving something in its place.  My needlecrafts are that something.  The music accompanies me with that something.  I know there are a lot of people who can give you solace when a loved one departs but I feel uniquely qualified to give you something they can't.  I can finish your missing piece.  I can listen and understand and fill in the missing pieces. The pieces you just can't bear to part with, because they remind you of someone you love.

Send me your unfinished pieces and I will finish them for you.  Then you can choose the best way to honor your loved one by picking a frame that speaks to the other parts of you and your relationship .  Send me a picture of their favorite thing and I can make you a brand new piece.  Or you can buy the pieces that come out of my head and speak to me. 

Or you could just email me at and we can discuss your grief.  Sometimes especially later on in the grieving process people feel we should just get over it and get on with our lives.  I am a living example of how sometimes that is not so easy. Let me help you in my own unique way and you will help to honor my loved ones by keeping me sane.  Blessings.


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