Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apple Tree Heart

This little heart started out as a ordinary apple tree, but somewhere along the way it became an apple tree heart with the leaves shaped like a heart.   All of my work begins as one thing and ends up something else.

That is how I embroider.  I start out with a simple design and then I let the needle and thread kind of do whatever it wants to.  It makes every peace a one of a kind.  I don't use stencils, I just draw with invisible ink and then I just let my needles and thread take over.  I let color, texture and imagination take my embroidery to whatever it needs to be.

Lately I've started drawing a bit more but still add accents after the outlining process.  I never know what color thread I'm going to use  until I pick it out.  I love the randomness of the process.  That is how I stitch french knots too to add random texture.  I love texture and subtlety.  Most of the time the texture and subtle nature of the stitchery works and yes sometimes it doesn't for me at least.  I love when people purchase these peaces as I realize it speaks to them even though it didn't really speak to me.  That really explains art as a whole, everyone can look at or listen to a peace of art and find the meanings for themself.

That is why I embroider.  It is the best way I have found to bring me peace, bring me art, and bring me salvation.  Hopefully those who purchase my work find the same qualities .  I call this the otherworldly aspects of how I make my work.  I feel so blessed that God has given me the ability to create something from nothing using just a needle, thread and some fabric.

Keep stitching.

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