Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dancing and Prayer

This piece is called Dancing.  It is currently and permanently residing in my friend Cheryl's home.  It is a cross that I made early in my hand embroidery artist days.   I like to embroider crosses as usually they are  works that bring peace to me. 

Today I had the most remarkable and beautiful of days.  I had forgotten that a couple of weeks ago I switched my shift from morning to afternoon and arrived at 10:00 to find that I was there a few hours too early. Having no where else to go and given the stressful nature of the last few weeks I ventured on to the New Skete Monastery.  What I found there was just beautiful and peaceful and brought a clarity to my life at the moment.  When I first arrived I sat on a bench just watching a beautiful peaceful pond which was so clear you could see to the very bottom.  It was such a lovely sight that I was brought to tears by it's beauty and peacefulness even on a late March morning.

I then went into the church on the property.  It was a square room with beautiful thronelike chairs. I sat in one of them and prayed for a while.  This alone filled me with such peace and tranquility. I walked around the room and saw all these beautiful paintings of Christ and the saints that were painted on the wall above them.  I stopped and read beautiful passages that were sitting ont a lecturn as I walked about the room.  I was there a while and then decided to go look at the temple which was further along a pathway. 

As you opened the temple door a light went on behind the altar and it was a truly magnificent sight.  I sat down by a small table which had 3 different  prayer books on it.  Each one had a post it sticker to relevant passages for today.  I read them all and was comforted by the words I read.  I sat there for quite a while, so long that the light on the altar turned off by itself. 

I then left and saw the most beautiful slate waterfall .As I left I realized just what I needed to do in my life.  To make amends, bless and clean out the old and then move on to a new and better life which is more in step with what I wish for my future.

And then I returned to the market and I met the most remarkable woman who happened to believe in reiki and meditation.  It was kismet.  She wrote a simple chant on a card which I will use to create my new life.  She told me it would bring clarity to me.  Very lovely woman and our conversation seemed to simply happen by chance as I think we both said things that were relevant to the other's life path.  It was really an extraordinary day and I have faith that everything will be fine if I just follow my heart and whatever path  it leads to.  Blessings to everyone and if you ever happen to be up in the Cambridge area please visit the monastery grounds as it is an experience you will never forget. 


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day and one we hope you will cherish. There are no coincidences, no accidental meetings. You looked for peace and found it...milk it, believe in it and what you know in your heart is true. Life's struggles are there to show you another way of being exists. Live in the shadow or live in the light....we always have choices.

tangled stitch said...

I think I have chosen to live in the Light and follow my heart. The clarity and peace of the experience has shown me that when you follow your heart it usually puts you exactly where you are supposed to be. I think as a person I tend to think too much. Kind of ruins the peace of the moment. Better to live in the moment and feel joy.

Anonymous said...

Thinking is what we do as human beings. It is what separates us from other species. Thinking is what helps create our realities...thoughts do become things. Ruminating thoughts are another thing...they can disrupt our psyche, our hearts our lives. Listen to your heart, the epicenter of your god-speaker and align your thinking with what you hear there. You are so thoughtful...

tangled stitch said...

Thank you. What thoughtful comments anonymous. I do tend to ruminate but I did find a way to do my embroidery and keep my mind and brain uncluttered and that is to embroider with my favorite songs on my headphones. That blocks out pretty much everything negative and leads me to my heart's desire, embroidery. I seem to have lost that recently but now realize that I was never happier then when I found music that spoke to me while I embroidered. It may not work for everyone but it certainly worked for me. Now time to get to work. You have a lovely day!