Here Comes the Sun

Mighty Sun 005 by DebraAnn813
Mighty Sun 005, a photo by DebraAnn813 on Flickr.
This piece was made several years ago and sold by Kathy at the Katbird Shop. It was and is one of my favorite pieces.

Note to self and anyone who will listen(or read) never listen to the same artists over and over in your headphones for 3 months. Although I think I needed it for all the reasons I've been talking about at some point it becomes a little kuku. Music is supposed to be an inspiration to make art or fill your soul with wonderfuness. It's not an inspiration to slowly drive yourself insane. Athough once again I needed to hear those words over and over again while I did what I loved most in the world,embroider, to find myself at the end of a long dark tunnel. I'll still listen to the Black Keys once in a while because I really do like their music and it does make me silly. Silly is part of happy.

Todays song is Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison. George Harrison was a member of the Beatles. He had a solo career where he made beautiful, beautiful music and then was part of The Traveling Wilburys until his death. Yes I know everyone should know that but it has become obvious that our country is in dire need of some real music for a change.

OK, hi ho, hi ho it's off to work I go to make some new art. Look for the light in your life.


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