Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Wanna Get Funky

This little chicken is called Funky Berta.  She was inspired by the song I Wanna Get Funky by Albert King.  A beautiful bluesy (or just plain blues)tune which is excellent beyond  belief.  It was recommended by a kindred spirit of the humankind.

Sometimes the universe works in special ways, and you notice something perhaps that you were not looking for. Everyone can look at a painting or listen to a  beautiful song and find something that speaks to them.  Every painting and every song carries significance for some one.  It's a different painting and a different song that speaks to us but somehow it just does. 

Sometimes as mere mortals we miss the significance of our souls in the general scheme of life.  We get up every morning.  We work our butts off,  we live, we laugh, we lose,  we make love or we make hate.  It's a different story every single day.  Sometimes on the human plane our lives can look like a complete train wreck, but somehow we are able to transcend that on our soul level.  Humans are fallible, souls move from one lifetime to another.  That is why I can listen to a Black Keys song and embroider and I can find happiness and peace, my friend Emily can find happiness and peace in country music and quilting,  and  my friend Cheryl can find happiness and peace in classical music and glassmaking.  Each person has a particular linkage to something in their soul that bonds them with an artist , with a song, with a small embroidered heart (that's the sales pitch but I digress).  But you have to listen very carefully to what your soul wants or you just completely miss the linkage and the message that God is trying to send you.

Artists on a whole, live in their soul more than they live in their mere mortal status.  They are more sensitive, they are solitary beings, they spend a lot of time in their heads which sometimes leaves them up in the clouds.  They get the messages that the universe wants to send them and they disseminate it out into the universe where it is supposed to land on the person who most needs that message. But sometimes that message is filled with pain, for it is the losses and the heartbreaks that artists feel more then mere mortals, and then they are used as the conduit to heal everyone else.  Mere mortals like to keep the darkness of their life hid so it is up to the artist to heal them.

I've had a lot of losses and heartbreaks in my lifetime and I spent an awful lot of my life in a very dark place( smiling and making other people laugh) but god never takes anything away from you without leaving something in it's place.  For me it was the needlearts and music and laughter.   The clown with the one tear always dripping down my face.  The dancing with my beloved artist mother who made me and my brother her whole world until her soul just could not take it and left to live in the strictly soul life with my other brother.  But then for all that pain I was rewarded with my beautiful soul of a son.  He reminds me every single day of my mother.  He is the one I adore, as my brother and I were the ones my mother adored.  Children are our souls personified until they get old enough to become mere mortals.  They are the reason we are here on earth .

Without mere mortals, we would have never had Mozart, or Picasso,  The Black Keys(grrrrrrrrrrrrr)or embroiderers who use their talents to stitch people back together.   So I guess in the end to find real beauty sometimes you have to look behind the madness and find the soul living beneath the grrrrrr and then you will be able to give your children the most important message of all, that they are loved and adored and the one.  Because for all the messages and pain the artist has to endure, we appreciate the young souls are children are because we recognize our souls in them.

Buy some music, buy some art and most especially tell your kids and their souls that you love them.  If you would like to discuss this post as it is a most personal subject you can email me at  I am always here to listen to ailing souls, I understand their pain all too well and I try very hard to stitch them back together again or at least make them understand that they are not the only mere mortals with such heavy problems.

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