Saturday, March 17, 2012


Intersections by DebraAnn813
Intersections, a photo by DebraAnn813 on Flickr.
This piece is called Intersections. It is available at the Katbird Shop in Schenectady.  Sometimes in our lives we realize that an intersection is really just a crossing.  A way of getting from one side to the other.  I've been kind of stuck in the middle of this intersection for a couple of months.  Especially the last few weeks when I'm damn lucky a car didn't run me over.

This morning I woke up with a big bunch of clarity.  The answer to my prayers is not a knight on a white horse, or the same old, same old.  The answer to my prayers is my work.  I have a gift right here in my very own body.  That gift is a love of embroidery and a reverance for what came before and is no longer with us.  It has been with me all my life since I was a little girl to a woman changing before my own eyes.

Today I woke up feeling like I landed on the other side of the intersection.  I am going to work really hard to change my reality to one I will be oh so happy with.  I am going to embroider and frame and finally move my business and my art further.  Whatever fits in my suitcase will come with me and whatever doesn't I'll leave behind.  That metaphor is not just a metaphor.

I have changed in the last year since I joined the oh so wonderful Valley Artisans Market.  I became an artist. I have my work all over upstate New York and a friend to travel with.  She will definitely be something I take along.  I have a beautiful son who is the reason I wake up every single morning so he will come along too.  I have a beautiful soul sister named Emily who I will continue to see almost every Tuesday  morning who knows exactly who I am and who loves me anyway.  I will have my family and my friends on Facebook.  Facebook is just one fabulous way of keeping all the different parts of your life connected to you especially your brother who you rarely get to see personally but who is the greatest inspiration of moving on in life and just taking what you need to survive.

And finally I will have my mother.  Her love of music.  Her love of art.  Her love of literature.  And most importantly her love of me.  She gave me all the things I needed to get me to this point of the intersection and now I know she is always with me and will guide me through the rest of my life.

Once again I am a working artist so if you have a needlecrafted piece unfinished by a loved one I can finish it for you. Then  you can display the wonderful lovely piece of your life that was left unfinished and perhaps you can cross the intersection too. If you send me a picture I can embroider you a brand new piece or you can just buy a piece of my art at one of the beautiful shops I do business with.  And Etsy is coming soon too.   Email me at and send me a picture.  I give free estimates or charge $20.00 an hour.  I have 46 years of experience and am very good at what I do.

Blessings and keep stitching.

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