Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Moon and The Stars Above

This piece is called Blue Moons.  It was made a while ago and is currently available at the Katbird Shop in Schenectady.  The title of this post is taken from the lyrics of The Breaks by the Black Keys.

This post will be about my hand embroidery and the Black Keys.  Quite simply the two have become so connected in my brain that I cannot embroider without their music in my ears.  Lord knows I've tried after the last few weeks.  I've tried blues, rock, beatles, muppets, Michael Kiwanuka(he's very inspirational so I can maybe throw in a song or two or three or four into my zune), new age, classical, Springsteen  and silence.  Silence was the hardest really.

I was embroidering a lot because of success and new venues.  I was listening to the Black Keys 24 hours a day,7 days a week.  There was hardly a moment in my life when I wasn't listening to their music.  It made me laugh at my dog(who seems to enjoy them too and I used to sing to her), they made me heal, they made me feel empowered, they helped me clean my house, lose weight, drive to all my different venues and so many other things too numerous to count.  But most importantly they made it easy to embroider all day long.  Eighty six songs every single one of them I like.  Simply they were my muses, which I unfortunately told the lead singer during our brief encounter on Twitter.  Or not so unfortunately as it turned out he was quite a-muse-ing himself and I do love to laugh and a very kind soul also.

Unfortunately I made some bad choices and had to look at the reality of the life I have and the life I want.  I suffered from horrible insomnia, had lady problems, and kind of stopped eating for a while and put down the embroidery.  The last word of that sentence is the most important.  I put down the embroidery it is what makes my heart sing.  Embroidery is what makes me stay sane, centered and focused.  I came out of the experience in a much better place and was able to embroider a bit more then I had been.  But still the consistency and sustained effort it takes to be a working artist of any sort was not there. I needed the Black Keys.

So now I find myself at a fork in the road, I can wallow in the past and stay right where I am or I can follow my true path.  Embroidery, making art, laughing, singing, dancing and living.  To do that I have to put the Black Keys back on my ears.  So there you have it.

Find your hand embroidery and your Black Keys.  If  you are a soul searching  for something you will only find it in the things you love and the way you've had to find it.  Blessings and find your uniqueness and run with it.

By the way, several people have told me along the way that my blog posts are too long.  That is probably true if my blog were just an ordinary hand embroidery blog, but I think a lot of the themes I touch on are human themes that everyone encounters. God did not give me the life I've had if he did not want to shine a light on the struggles of humanity. Peace.

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