A New Business Venture

Hi All!  My name is DebraAnn Salat.  I have been hand embroidering, knitting and crocheting since I am 6 years old. It has been the one constant in my life filled with much loss and beautiful angels who kept me healthy while my needlecrafts have kept me sane.

I sell my art in many locations up here in the Capital Region and am blessed to have many wonderful store owners and outlets selling my art.  I have decided to branch out and add a few new duties to my wonderful artistic opportunities.

I am offering my services to the grieving.  Many of you have lost a loved one who either knitted your baby a sweater, made a sampler when you had a baby, or crocheted you a tablecloth.  Like myself you probably had quite a few pieces of unfinished heirlooms that you have folded up in a drawer somewhere that you simply cannot throw away or you cannot finish.  I am the person that can do that for you. I will charge either $20.00 by the hour or give a free written estimate.  I have such reverance for the dead because frankly except for a few beloved people who are still living many of the most important people who made me who I am are deceased and I miss them every single day.

I am also available for commission work.  I have made several pieces from existing photographs.  I would love to hand embroider anything you wish to have hand embroidered.  My love for the needlearts and most especially embroidery is unending.  It is what makes my boat float, makes time fly by, and keeps me out of a psychiatrist's office.  And if I have a great tune to work to I am totally inspired.

 If you are in need of my services please contact me at das813@hotmail.com.


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