Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Passion is a piece I made a while ago that is currently available at the Katbird Shop.  It's one of my favorite pieces as it relates the themes of togetherness  and the circle of life that we all belong to.

There are many types of passion between human beings, but since this is an embroidery blog I will talk about my passion for the stitch.  I think God gives each of us a unique way to express ourselves and my way is the stitch.  When I am embroidering with passion, time flies and I simply just love the moments that make up my day.  When I am not embroidering, my mind takes over and I fill my day with way too many thoughts and way too many distractions.  My favorite thing to do on a down day is head to the fabric store and buy a whole bunch of embroidery floss(usually orange) and then do something with french knots and texture.  It's amazing how a tiny skein of embroidery floss can change your day but it does in my case. 

Often times in the last few months, I have written about finding your embroidery and your Black Keys(a band as if you didn't know that already).  During the holidays I was a bit more successful than I had anticipated I embroidered and listened to the Black Keys nonstop for a couple of months.  They were high energy and helped me to block out the noise that often got in the way.  Those few months were probably the happiest of my lifetime as I had a purpose, a reason to do what I loved every single day, and a beautiful soundtrack to go with it. 

I kind of took a detour because of some personal issues I was dealing with as of late, but my passion for my work has returned.  I am filled with hope and peace and love while I'm embroidering.  Hopeful for the next chapter in my life and where my work can bring me.  I have learned that in order to be passionate in one's life you have to look inside your heart and find the uniqueness that makes your heart sing(or in my case the Black Keys, I make dogs howl even when my heart sings).  The things you love to do that bring you joy should always be a priority on your list of things to do.  You have an answer somewhere inside of you, just trust it and keep moving forward because getting stuck in the muck and mire of life for even a day, never mind longer can do so much damage to your passion, your life and most of all yourself.  Blessings.

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