The Prom

This piece is called Prom Dress.  It is hand embroidery on  watercolored muslin.  I haven't quite figured out where it belongs so for now it is available through my blog if you simply must have it.  As always my email is in my profile.

I went to my prom with my boyfriend at the time Tony.  He is currently a Facebook friend as is his lovely wife Lisa.  My mother and I went shopping and I ended up with this bridally looking thing in antique white which was also seen at the prom in a pretty shade of blue on another girl.  We had a wonderful time and we went to the shore the next day to spend the day. It is a treasured memory.

A prom is a memory every single girl should have.  It is one of those days when you can pretend you are a princess and your date comes to pick you up on a white horse(or a long stretch limousine or your boyfriends car).  There are so few of those days in a girls life when the only thing she has to do is be pretty and charming and dance the night away.  It also happens at the end of your school life when innocence and dreams still exist.  It is a very important milestone and one they will remember the rest of their lives.

There are millions of girls all over the United States at the moment who will be unable to attend their prom because they simply cannot afford a dress.  There are charities all over the country providing prom dresses for then.  This is the time of year to donate one so please donate yourold  prom gown(or pretty bridesmaid dress) to the organization in your neighborhood and give some lucky girl the chance to be a princess even if it is only for one night.   Also if you are blessed with some money call your local school district and see if they will allow you to pay for the prom for some lucky couple.  A prom is a once in a liftetime occassion and every single person who wants to go to the prom should be able to. 


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