Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blue Eyed Blues

This piece is called Blue-Eyed Blues.  It is available at my etsy shop.  It is a raw edge quilt measuring approximately 8x10.  It is hand embroidery(but of course)on watercolored fabric with coordinating fabrics of my choice.  It features french knots(but of course), straight stitches, backstitches and kantha stitching was used for the Quilting. 

Today was one of those days when you realize you just have to surrender to what is.  I am deterred quite a bit but not giving up.  I have to believe that at the end of this particular part of my life, everyone involved will have learned how to be a better person, including myself.

As I was lamenting my day I realized that I have never really had to depend on myself.  I've been married for such a long time and I am always asking for advice but never really trusting my own instincts.  So I think although I will still ask for advice and cherish it, I have to start listening to my own instincts.  It's something I'm going to have to learn anyway at some point.  So as I look for a job, and then a place to live I'm going to have to figure out how to be my own barometer.  I realized that a cluttered head in a cluttered room in a cluttered house in a cluttered world is something that's not very good for me or my future.  So I am going to spend some of my time uncluttering myself.

And I'm gonna be thankful for all those people who helped me live for the last 52 years since so many people have truly been wonderful and caring and giving .  So thank you all!  And a word to the wise, please make sure you take care of yourself, because one day you are going to have to and it really can be quite an eyeopener.  Blessings and hopefully tomorrow will be better than ever.

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ParisMaddy said...

It's a sweet little piece.

Good luck with your growth and searching. xo