Thursday, April 5, 2012

Constant and Changing

Constant and changing.  The moon and the stars are a constant, there are different phases and weather conditions might not allow you to see them, but they are always up there somewhere night after night.  Stars have always been used as a guide through the darkness, something bright and sparkly when darkness overtakes.  In my life my son has been my moon and my stars, something bright and shiny in a life that sometimes lives in darkness. Everyone has days in their life when they live in darkness.  It's nice to know there is a bright shiny star to move towards when they really cannot find their way out of the darkness.

Trees are ever changing.  They go from barren to fully leaved to their highest potential.  I love trees.  Each one is unique and I can appreciate that uniqueness when there are no leaves and you can admire a tree in all of it's twisted gnarly glory.  I love spring trees when there are just tiny buds to show us that transformation is possible.  I love summer treees that are leafy to their highest potential giving us shade from the hot sun and reminding us of summers that have passed. And then there are autumn trees.  They are my favorite, as resplendent in color and beauty as you could ever imagine. Living in the part of the country that I live in, I am in awe of the colors and beauty of an autumn tree and the ability to see trees change in every season in a beautiful way.

We live in a world where there are reminders daily of constants and changing winds.  We all bear a responsibility to move with those constants and move through those changes.  We can decide whether we will bear these changes and constants with resistence or whether we will move along with them.  I think I am at a point in my life where the path to change is the one with the least resistance.  So moving towards that change willingly and peacefully is what I must do.  And if I should get lost or forget about the willing and peaceful way I wish to change I have the constant of the moon and the stars to guide me through the night. 

Blessings to you all and I hope you can live your constantly changing life with the least  resistance and find peace.

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