Monday, April 23, 2012

Flowery Butterfly

This piece is called Flowery Butterfly and it is available at my Etsy shop.

I feel like a Butterfly lately.  This piece was started sometime last year and  was almost completed but I found it in a drawer. Perhaps I started it and then another inspiration came to me or maybe I wasn't quite ready to be a butterfly and this piece had to be a cocoon for a while.

I have been a caterpillar most of my life.  Kind of warm and fuzzy and not yet formed.  Most of my life was spent catching up.  Till this day I am always catching up.  Then there was the cocoon stage where most of my artistic life was making beautiful things that I never finished and things I thought other people might like.

And now I am a butterfly.  Ready to branch out in bright colors and move from one beautiful project to the next and ready to spread my own personal wings.  At this time in my life I am grateful for the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly and am looking forward to the future in a way that is authentic to myself and lived in love and peace. Colorful, faithfilled and believing that there is an answer out there somewhere to my heart's biggest questions. Blessings to you.

PS I am also adding one of my wreath hearts to Etsy as they are the most fun I can have embroidering, such tiny little green stitches and loads of french knots.  I could do berries and holly forever but then it would get boring.

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