Sunday, April 15, 2012

French Knot Explosion

French Knot Explosion is available in my Etsy shop.  It is different shades of orange, red and yellow on black fabric in a 5 x 7 frame.

French Knot Explosion is a metaphor for my life at the moment.  My life inexplicably exploded about a month and a half ago.  Everything that was there before is somehow irrevocably changed now.  I have emerged from that explosion somewhat tarnished but somehow I feel almost like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes.

There are times in your life where you realize you just can't go back to the way things were.  You really have no choice but to move forward in the moment and see where life brings you.  That's my life at the moment.  Moving forward.  I am determined to move forward in peace and tranquility and see where not leading with my emotions brings me.  I have always been a good talker but not so much a good doer.  I made lots of plans and somehow I leave them on the cutting room floor along with all the other emotions I've acted out in my life. 

Now I have a new beginning, a rebirth, a chance to start over.  While I'm trying to figure out what I should bring with me, I'm dealing with all the clutter from a life filled with too many words and not enough actions.  It's really hard to take a leap of faith in life, even when you've made so many mistakes that the leap is your only option. 

My life at the moment is about discovering what is too priceless to leave behind, what is too unimportant to take with me and hand embroidery and my blog.  They are the only things I can control at the moment and being an embroidery artist and writing this blog are parts of a dream I had a long time ago when I was just a little girl.  I loved to embroider and I wanted to be a writer.

The only other time I had a dream and followed it through with a leap of faith was moving from my house on Long Island with  my family to upstate NY which is home.  It was a remarkable, miraculous story from beginning to end.  I  feel like that is the direction of my current life too.  I made it all the way up here and now I have to follow the rest of my dreams the rest of the way too.  It may be a leap, but at the moment it is the only option. 

Blessings to you and your family, friends and everyone else too priceless to leave behind.  If you are taking a leap too, try to do it peacefully and lovingly because life is much too short to fill another human being's life with so much pain and heartache.  Forgive me for being a mere mortal with a penchant for explosions of the real and french knotty kind.

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