Heart of Gold

This Wired Beaded Heart Sun is available on my Etsy site.

Technically it is not gold, it is red and orange but Heart of Gold by Neil Young is my song of the moment.  I no longer just have one song of the day I have dozens swimming around my head with the dolphins.  At the moment I am wishing I was on a beach looking at dolphins instead of dreary old Upstate NY hence the dolphins.  The real sun keeps going in and out and drabness is out there now. 

I love to stitch heart suns.  I've made quite a few of them, because they remind me that even on a rainy day it is possible to see sunshine somewhere in the universe.  Our moods are that way too, even when a drab drizzly day has invaded our brain, a little sunshine is never too far behind.

That is how I am choosing to see the world at the moment,  a little sunshine never too far behind.  I'm working a lot more which makes every single cloud in my sky disappear.  I'm moving forward, still no light on the horizon for a job but I'm looking everyday and perhaps the perfect job for a sunny disposition is right out there somewhere.  And I'm writing my blog which gives me a great deal of joy now that I've dealt with most of the drabness. 

So I guess what I'm saying is, go make your own version of a heart sun.  Do something wonderful that brings the joy and warmth of the sun into your heart.  We only have the moment so try to make them count and try to make them sunny.  Blessings.


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