The Leap

This piece is called The Leap.  It is the newest piece in my Etsy shop.

Hi All!  This was going to be my first piece listed on Etsy, but I don't think I was really ready for the Leap to happen.    Right now though the only thing I can think of is the Leap into my dreams of the present.  I'm at one of those strange times in your lives when everything is saying move on but there are no clear answers to what direction that should take.  So being a hand embroidery artist with a blog and an Etsy account here I am.

I am so ready for the rest of my life to begin.  To move on in a way that allows me to be authentic and real.  The authentic DebraAnn likes to talk a blue streak so therefore my blog will always have more words then people want to read.  So if you stop after the first sentence where it tells you that this piece is available on Etsy so be it.  The authentic DebraAnn loves to embroider,  I really love it.  I've come to the conclusion recently that when I take hand embroidery out of my life for whatver reason I completely derail.  It is the one constant in my ever changing life and the only thing I have control over at the moment.  My pieces come straight out of my head.  Even the littlest ornaments come kind of organically from some place inside my head, my heart and my soul.  And the authentic DebraAnn loves music, all kinds of different music although it is still easier to embroider with the Black Keys in my headphones.  I think I really like the idea of real at the moment instead of the BS we all tell each other about how wonderful our lives are when they aren't.

Little did I think years ago that this particular piece would hold so much meaning.  I'm taking a leap.  I don't know where I'll land or when I'll land but I know that soon this uncertainty will be behind me in my new life .  I think it's the authenticity thing that makes this moment so unlike other moments.  I could very easily go get a job doing anything.  I'm a really nice person and I have a way with making other people comfortable with their own lot in life. I've never really had a problem getting a job unless it was one I wasn't qualified for.   That probably means a sales career somewhere down the line.  But that isn't what's calling me at the moment.  Whats calling me are my dreams.   When I close my eyes and find some peace in my head, the voice in it tells me follow your dreams and don't let them go.  So now what?

Well I know I woke up this morning and made 3 hearts before noon.  That's something that hasn't happened in a couple of months.  I know I put a piece in my Etsy Shop, that's moving forward too.  I know I'm going to change my resume so it makes a little more sense and I'm gonna look for a job. More changes.  I just have to keep making progress and hope that the answer comes to me sooner or later in my path to a new life.  But sitting around playing on the computer all day isn't really the answer to those questions unless it is to blog, to be inspired, to chat with some real friends, or to put my work out there in the universe.  So I'm gonna be a little less visible and a whole lot more peaceful. 

Blessings to you and good luck on your leaps of faith and your pathway.


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