The Light Within

The Light Within
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This peace was done a while ago but it seems very relevant to me at the moment.  My heart feels one thing and my head is telling me a different tale.  Whenever I go deep inside my heart and soul, I feel peace and whenever the supposedly more rational logical brain takes over I'm conflicted and confused.

Now a few months ago we would not be having this discussion.  I was very happily embroidering every moment and listening to divine music in my ears while I did it.  The world was shiny and new and filled with possibilities with my work and my life.  Now my personal relationships seem very muddied and unclear, my job prospects are nil and I'm just exhausted from the tightrope I'm walking on. If I stay steady and keep moving forward my future will be very bright.  If I go backwards,my future will be very bleak as I am not living a life I've imagined, I'm living in a prison of my own making. And then there is the tightrope, if I'm not careful and thoughtful and cautious I will fall into the abyss.

I know in my heart embroidery is the light within the darkness.  It is and always has been my salvation.  Whenever my life was difficult a single skein of embroidery floss and a small piece of fabric was all I needed to make my life complete.  God's blessed me with the gift of an artform that just allows me to block out the world but I also at this moment need to block out the noise in my head.  So what will I fill it with? Hope and optimism for the future, or regrets from the past. Perhaps the answer is to live in the moment and forget about the past and the future.   Perhaps the answer to that question is the light within. Embroidery.


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