The Light Within

This piece is called The Light Within and it is available at the Katbird Shop in Schenectady.

I made this piece a few years ago and never has it been more a metaphor for my life.  I am a living example of why women should follow their bliss, make themselves happy, and be in control of their own life and their own light. 

A few months back I mentioned a loved one who seemed to think she needed a man to be complete and my solution was to espouse on my blog about how no man should be necessary to complete any woman's life.  Find your embroidery and your Black Keys was my answer.  Wrote it with a straight face too I might add.  Needless to say this loved one has moved on and I am currently in the midst of a very complicated marital situation and struggling to embroider every day.

I did bring the Black Keys back into my eardrums and I can still embroider when I put on my head phones and block out the rest of the world.   Or when I do mantras which do help in the short term but my current situation begs a more long term solution. I have been living through hell frankly for the last couple of months, because I did not heed my own advice.  That a woman does not need a man to complete her life she needs to find her own light and follow it.  Whereever it will take her. 

She has to listen to her own unique qualities, find peace in her heart and follow her freakin dream and do anything possible to create that reality.  If I had taken my own advice a few months ago we really wouldn't be having this conversation.  But again, God does not give you these experiences unless he wants you to share them so here I am espousing my opinion of a woman and what she needs again.

Take my advice, even if you find the love of your life.  Make your own life.  Follow your own light, make yourself ready for any eventuality that may arise and find whatever makes you happy enough to do that.  Because I'll be quite honest, following a pickup truck on the highway because you think there is a man on a white horse in it doesn't really work out so well for you.  It blows up your life and everybody unfortunate enough to be in your life.

So now I have to take my own advice and follow the light in my soul and follow my dreams, embroider, write my blog(sorry if this one was uncomfortable for you) and hope that dreams do come true because the reality of a woman with not so many options is not pretty. At times I can be delightful and witty and funny, it's really hard to do those things sometimes when you have no choice but to leap into the future on a wing and a prayer.

Blessings to you and I hope that if you are single, engaged or married you follow your path into the light however you deem necessary because failure really isn't a good option.


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