Friday, April 6, 2012

The Light

There comes a time in everyone's life when they hit a crossroad.  They can live in darkness and follow their ego whereever it takes them.  Or they can choose to be light and walk with peace and joy towards the future they want for themselves and the future they want for everyone else.

I have hit that crossroad and decided to choose the light side of life.  As I wrote in yesterday's blog post somethings are constant, some things are changing.  I am changing my life as a human being, but I have been changed as a soul also.  I have made some foolish choices in my life living with most of my fears hidden in the darkness of my soul.  Now  I must wallk towards a life lived out in the open peacefully and joyfully.

I can make the choice.  I can open the blinds, get rid of the emotional  clutter that has bogged me down  and make myself lighter and move on.  Or I can live with all the regrets of the mistakes I have made along the way and stay where I am today.  I am going to unburden myself of the heaviness of my life up until this moment.  I offer forgiveness for anyone or anything  who has brought me pain and  I wish nothing but happiness for all of the souls I have met on my journey, I hope they too find the light. 

My work will take a slightly different turn, but not too different.  Embroidery has been the one constant in my life.  It is my salvation.  It allows me to express myself in many different ways.  The overriding theme of most of my embroidery work has been light.  This hand has a star in the middle of it.  Hope is the piece of art which has a hand coming out of it with light streaming out into the blackness .   I make crosses,  suns, whimsical creatures and hearts.  Lots and lots of hearts. It has been that work that has been shining out of my lighter happier soul.

Starting Monday I will be putting my work on Etsy.  I am moving towards a more independent light filled life.   I am choosing to move on, closer to the true nature of my work and my soul. I'm hoping that everyone who reads this on this most religious of holiday weekends recognizes that they too are capable of finding light at the end of the tunnel.  I am still committed to finishing the work of other souls to bring solace to their loved ones.   If you have a needlecrafted piece from a loved one which is folded up and hidden in a drawer because you cannot finish it and cannot give it away, I can do it for you so your loved one's work is out in the open and can be enjoyed.  It will be one less piece of emotional baggage.that you carry from place to place.

We all have pain and sorrow and things we really do not want to talk about in the light of day.  I will listen and understand.  If you need solace of any sort you can email me at  I understand the need for solace in a lifetime.  I will be your light.

Blessings to all and stay tuned for the next part of my life.

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