Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Love is the latest Art Heart added to my Etsy store.

Love is such a complicated emotion.  It gives us great joy, it stops us dead in our tracks, it sneaks up on us and it can make us absolutely miserable.  I think all of us can relate to those descriptions and many more.

I think the most important definition and the one that I myself need to work on is to Love ourselves.  Just the way we are.  Nobody is perfect, it's silly to even think we can try to be.  We all do things out of our character every once in a while.  We like to keep those imperfect moments to ourselves(or in my case screaming from a mountaintop) but then they fester in our souls and our psyches until they just eat us alive.  So along with the forgiveness we give others, we have to learn to forgive ourselves, love ourselves and move on. 

I am going to show my love for myself by embroidering.  I am going to show my love for my family by keeping this and other personal issues private. Lastly,  I am going to show my love for humanity by reminding each and every one of us, that if we do something in love and we send it out to the universe our love will travel all over the world.  One person and one soul at a time.

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ParisMaddy said...

Sweet little heart. xo