Sunday, April 1, 2012


Ok so I know I just posted a blog post.   But manual labor screamed out to me.(I consider framing manual labor) So I framed this piece.  I named it Peace because that is what it is to me.  It is hundreds and hundreds of french knots with gridded circles placed randomly.  The picture really does not do it justice but hopefully you can see the detail if you click on it.

Peace was made using my favorite peaceful colors, pale blues and greens.  Doesn't matter what I am making if I'm using pale blues and greens it is peaceful. And well add the hundreds and hundreds of french knots and it was a wonderful peaceful project to embroider and framing it went rather well also. 

I'm leaving the other post on the blog as it was my moment.  But framing this peace changed my moment.  If you are in a crappy mood find something to change your moment too.  Blessings see you soon. 

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