The Power of a Dream

The name of this piece is Transformation.  It is not for sale at this time.  It is hand embroidery on muslin and I have taken the glass off .  In person it is so much lovelier then it was with the glass covering the details and the textures of the piece.

The Power of a dream can be transformational.  It certainly has been in my life. I needed a reminder that if you hope and you pray and you work and you never give up you can live your dream too.  I am trying to move on in a conventional way with my life, and I am a rather unconventional kind of person so perhaps I need to believe in fairy tales myself.

Where I live and how I got here are a perfect example of how a simple dream and a belief that it can be done can make it happen.  I have a much longer version of this tale but perhaps that is better left for a magazine article I might write if I end up following that dream too.

I had a dream.  A beautiful dream.  A dream in which a long haired angel led me through the woods and the forest(a rather idyllic woods and forest) to a beautiful cabin on the water where I would sell my work in a little shop on the property.  At the time I lived on Long Island where this particular tale could never happen unless you were a multimillionaire, but I digress.

I convinced my husband and my son to follow that dream whereever it took us and thankfully for me they made the journey with me.  We encountered so many obstacles to get here, namely the disbelief that a family could uproot themselves and move to a completely different life because of a dream.  But that being said, I believe in signs and dreams and everything else metaphysical that goes along with those beliefs.

I made a plan, put a picture on my refrigerator, put my intentions in writing and then kind of let the universe take over.  Whenever I would hit upon the right thing for us I would find street names like Wood-Ridge or Huntington which is where my husband and I grew up.  I would find street names like Brian which is my son's name.  I found so many markers along the way that I even found a house that was previously owned by someone with the name of my mother in laws family.  I didn't end up in that house but I did end up in the right house for us at the moment.

When those obstacles arose, I was working in a kiosk in a mall on Long Island.  Almost every single day I met someone from up here in the Albany area and oddly enough there was a girl who worked in the Disney Store right next to my kiosk and her name was DebraAnn and she had lived in Clifton Park before moving back to Long Island.  I took all of those signs as a sign to keep my eye on the goal I had set.

It was a rather long story of synchronicity and metaphysical activity that really does warrant something longer then a blog.  But somehow the belief in that dream and the help of the universe made that dream come true.  Except for the cabin and the water and the shop(although now I am on Etsy). 

So now I find myself at the different end of the dream, the one where I take who I am at the moment and transform my life into what and where I want to be in the future.  The conventional signs in the real world at the moment are rather dismal.  The synchronicities and signs pointing towards my future are all green lights ahead. So many of them it's kind of overwhelming.  So in the next few months I will be exploring my dreams, my work, my inspirations and how they all fit together to give me the life I imagined as Thoreau put it.

I also hope that I have given you enough of a background and a clear sense of how your inner voice and the universe can work together to help you follow your dreams.  The world is kind of a tough place to be an inhabitant of at the moment.  Many people have lost hope and lost their dreams.  But I chose today as a reminder that yes it can happen to you and yes it can exceed even your own expectations.

Blessings on your path.  Transform your life and do it from the inside to the way out there.


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