What is Life?

This piece is called Lifelines.  It will be available on my Etsy shop later today.  It is hand embroidery and Kantha stitching outlining the hand.

Lifelines is one of the first art pieces I made.  It reminds me that all of our lives are connected even those who are lost to us on Earth.  Nothing happens by accident, all of us have a purpose for being in each other's lives.  It reminds me that  I believe in dreams and signs and the universe and gives me a
realization of all the things I love that I want to take forward in my life  and to move on from the past.   It serves no purpose to look backwards. 

I have big dreams and I believe in them and I've reached a point where anything that doesn't fit into those dreams has to be left behind.  Most importantly I want to be an artist who shares her art in many different ways and uses all of her talents.  I want to follow my inner guidance and find the love for myself and the world .

The song of the day is What is Life?  by George Harrison, who was a very complicated man but wrote many inspiring songs.  I still embroider to the Black Keys the majority of the time, so find your embroidery and your Black Keys and create.  Create the world you want to live in.  NOW.


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