Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Circle of Life

Out of all the gifts we are given unconditional  love is the one we carry with us all throughout  our lives.  We are all beings created out of love and all of us live in the womb.  Our  time there varies but we are unconditionally loved and given the nutrients that allow us to come out of the womb as fully formed human beings. 

Our mother  carries our life in her womb from the moment we are conceived in love until the time we are brought into this world.   She is the one person we are most connected to during that time in the womb.  We are brought into the world and we need to depend on those who love us to survive our infancy. 
If we are so blessed we have children of our own to love unconditionally.  They follow that circle of love and life.  We have to teach them to love, honor, and care about their fellow beings on this earth and to be kind.  We have to teach them to love themselves and to become who they are meant to be. We have to teach them that no matter what happens to them during their life, they were created from love.

I have been blessed to know both sides of that circle of life.  I have been unconditionally  loved and I have loved unconditionally.  That is really all I can ask for from my life. To give a child the feeling that he was loved even if it was only at the moment of conception.  He is love personified.

My son has a habit of thanking me for everything I do for him.  My response is always  the same, you don’t have to thank me I am your mother.  I am so proud that my son is so grateful for even the simplest things.  That is one of the greatest gifts he has given me.  I know that no matter what else I do in my lifetime, I have left a beautiful thankful human being on this earth.

I know that he will carry on the legacy of love that has been given from my circle of life.  We are only on this earth for a short time so we must teach our children well and unconditionally.  For life can be hard at times but the knowledge that you have been loved and can be loving is the most important  lesson  children should be taught. Blessings.

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