Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dance With Me

The name of this piece is Dancing and it is in the private collection of my friend Cheryl.  Dance With Me is a song by Chaka Khan with a great video on Youtube for you listening and seeing pleasure.

Music has the ability to transcend time and distance.  Every day millions of us are listening to the same song at the same moment somewhere in our great universe.  I just listened to the fabulously fabulous Aretha Franklin on my Zune Player.   Thirty songs of greatness all wrapped up in one collection of some of her greatest hits.  What an inspirational and empowering couple of hours that was. Who cannot be inspired by Respect which should be the freakin anthem for every single(and married) woman out there in the universe.   I was inspired to hand embroider a piece this morning which is already coming along and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Somehow I think looking backwards at music is a great place to start to find inspiration.  A lot of the bands today that are very popular depend on machinery to make their voices sound better and when you see them live they sound nothing like the band you listen to.  The same can be said of the bands of olden days, but when you listen to them on vinyl, cd or 8 track tape, they bring you back to a time of simpler days and simpler ways.  And there are some truly talented bands who somehow manage to pull off that trick of sounding and playing the same on a CD as they do live. 

Technology is wonderful but there is something special about listening to music with sparse technology.  To hear the strings of a guitar, or the beating of a drum, or the voice of an angel.  Music is and always has been the medium that goes straight from your ears to your soul no matter what kind of music you listen to, be it a hymn at church, or a classic from Beethoven .  It has the ability to inspire much the same way a painting or hand embroidered art piece has that ability using your eyes.

Life is meant to be lived.  It's not meant to be spent in front of a computer 24/7 or a television 24/7 you have to leave some of  your senses behind to do what you are being called to do.  In my case in this moment I choose to listen to some great music and embroider a piece that is calling to me.  Tomorrow it may be a different tune but for this moment this is all I'm looking forward to and enjoying,

No matter where you are and who you are with put on some music, get off your duff and dance and then be inspired to do something you love.  Blessings.

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