Give A Little Bit

After two tries at trying to write a very insightful blog post about my soul I have decided that it is just too hot and muggy to try to be profound. I am still working on the piece Moving On and it is moving right along. I am going to treat myself to an afternoon of music and embroidery and perhaps tomorrow I'll tell you about my soul or perhaps not. I can say one thing about souls. I believe in them. I believe in a giving and loving universe. That when you are quiet and contemplative, soul speaking and soul searching are easier. So on that note bless you and may you find as much peace on your journey as you need today(and be thankful your air-conditioning is working). Give A Little Bit is a song by Supertramp, it's a great song and you can find the version you like the best on YouTube(or give yourself a gift and listen to it for the first time).


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