Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Go Where Love Goes

Go Where Love Goes is the name of this piece and it is called that because it was just a doodle I added to for the love of color and embroidery.  This piece will be available on my Etsy page, which can be accessed through my blog. Go Where Love Goes is also a song by Andrea Bocelli about love and dreams and angels.

Listening to my better angels I realize I have to just be for a while.  I've been immersed in chaos for more then a couple of months and I need to regroup and find what I really love and move on. Forgive me if I cluttered up your Facebook page while I was searching.

Tangled Stitch will be my only blog for the moment.  I will be sharing pictures of my embroidery and fiber work and write whatever my intuition and inspirations tell me needs to be shared.  I'll check my email twice a day but that is basically the extent of my time on the computer.

I am going to go where love goes and stitch myself to my favorite music or in silence whatever I think is needed at the moment.  I realize I have to take care of myself before I can take care of anybody else.  Please treat everyone in your universe with kindness, love, compassion and understanding because some times people just get lost and forget what is truly important to them. Peace

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