Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Sun-Day

Good morning and Happy Sunday.  This cross is still available in Etsy shop.  It is chock full of french knots, god's gift to this embroiderer.  I just love french knots they are a meditation for me which leads me to the topic of today. Meditation with the divine in any form you choose makes it easier to be creative and believe in the beauty and abundance of the universe right then in that very moment.  It's a gift of peace you give yourself and the calming influence of meditation is a gift of peace to everyone around you.

I woke up this morning with a song in my heart again. Waking up with songs in my heart, the day seems to go better.   I have a very active mind with a lot of words swimming around it along with the song of the day.   It is hard to keep the negative words out when you are going through a life change or just moving around in your daily life.  But I have found that  meditation  stops the world for a little while and lets me find my own thoughts.

There are some wonderful meditation videos on YouTube to get you started.  I find that now I am able to meditate most of the time without YouTube, just me and the internal guidance from the universe.  That guidance makes me feel loved, protected and hopeful.  Mostly it tells me to live a life I love and I will find the answers.  I have to say after meditating I do feel more in control of myself and my world and it brings me back to the moment.

In the past I tended to live in the past or dream about the future, to be honest sometimes I still do. After meditation I am better able to focus on the now and that is really the only thing we have control over anyway.  Being an artist you can make lots of beautiful, intricate work but that does not guarantee that anybody else will think so.   So all I can do is enjoy the process and find beautiful ways to keep the process going in the moment.  Music makes my process easier and fills me with joy while I do something I love and meditation makes my mind quiet enough to enjoy both the music and the hand embroidery.



Judy Olson said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Like this very much.

Tangled Stitch said...

Thanks Judy!