Friday, May 11, 2012

Have Love Will Travel

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Have Love Will Travel is my favorite song by The Black Keys. Their music was the running soundtrack for my happy little life when my mornings were filled with embroidery and music.  Somewhere along the line I lost the music and stopped embroidering all the time.  I still embroider but not as much as I used to and frankly I haven't been living the happy little life either.  But today that all changes.

All I know is that before I started to think about the Black Keys in the human sense, my soul was pretty freakin happy.  Yes happy.  I laughed, came out of my little turtle shell and frankly had a ball. Lost weight, started moving my life forward, even had the urge to Twitter remarkably funny non rock stars.   Every single day I woke up with a different Black Keys song in my head.

Somewhere along the way I started to travel a different road, unhappiness with my current life and the burning urge to move on created a trajectory out of  my old life and into a new one.  The problem with that is I wanted out and I had no plans in place and I've been spiraling out of control ever since.  I ended up traveling a road I really didn't want to travel.   But my soul is still kind of oblivious to the horrible pain my mere mortalness has caused it and everyone around me,  I am still losing weight and incredibly productive when I allow myself to put my headphones on and work.
So to please my soul, I'm going to get right back on that horse and start embroidering and knitting(I love to knit and crochet too) and put my headphones on and work, work, work until one day I wake up and the song Have Love Will Travel is my song for the day again. Because no matter what happens to you on your road it is the love that travels that somehow gets ingrained in your soul.

So if embroidery and the Black Keys don't float your boat and you feel sort of desperate go find some help.  I highly recommend that too.  Find something you love and something that makes it easier to do what you love and find joy again. That's what I'm going to be doing.  Blessings

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