The Magical Life of A Unicorn

In the magical life of a unicorn everyone is accepted and loved for who they are, horns included.  You see a unicorn is neither a horse nor a hippo.  A unicorn is very unique and very special.  They have extra powers which make them very magical just like some of your friends are. 

 In the magical land of a unicorn everyone is allowed to make mistakes and accepted for who they are at that moment, so the magic can start up again the next day.  I think everyone of us is a magical unicorn, we each have our horsy moments when we nay, we have our rhino moments when we grunt and we have our lion moments when we roar.  But sometimes we are just happy little unicorns who are so grateful to be unicorns and magical.

But every once in while in our magical unicorn life, we find something extra magical we didn’t know was out there. We find another unicorn that looks a little different and comes from a different town, but somehow they recognize that he is part of their unicorn family.  When that extra magical unicorn comes into another unicorn’s life, he makes all the other unicorns happy.  He was a different color and he sang a different tune then they did but still they knew that somehow he belonged.   All magical unicorns always have a special song each one of them sings that makes them unique but each family of magical unicorns has their own special song so they know they belong to a family.  

 And then they remembered why he was one of their magical unicorns.  It was the color of his eyes.  They were the most sparkling blue just like the unicorn that had disappeared years before.  He had come back to search for the beautiful brown-eyed unicorn and he found her.  All  of the unicorns were overjoyed because he had finally found the only other unicorn in the world who, although they did not look like each other and they did not act like each other, had their own special song and their own magical unicorn powers that united them in the magical life of a unicorn.  They just knew they were meant to be together in the life of a magical unicorn.  In a magical unicorn way they accepted each other for all of their differences and mistakes and lived happily and unicornily ever after. Please remember that the next time you go to school and see a magical unicorn they may just be your brother or something else completely.

This story came to me in the supermarket and I just had to share it .  My intuition tells me that my  true purpose is to remind children that we are all the same in our own unique way.  Thank you to my friend Carrie whose beautiful illustration of a unicorn inspired this blog post.  Blessings.


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