Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moving along

This is the piece I was working on yesterday and it doesn't have a name but it may just be called moving on.  It is a transitional piece tying up some loose threads both literally and metaphorically.

My whole life is changing and that has me just a little bit jittery. When I'm jittery the best thing I can do is embroider.  So if you need anything hand embroidered now is the time to request it.  But seriously making momentous changes in your life can be completely unnerving.  Fear has a big place in my head and I am trying so many different ways to deal with that fear and unfortunately for myself and everyone around me I probably haven't handled it the best way I could have.

All I can do right now is be myself and just keep moving.  I can't change who I am just to get a job that isn't suited for me.  And I can't change who I am just to get a little bit more in a divorce settlement.  I just want to walk towards a more peaceful and happy future.  One where just being who I am is enough.  A job that suits me, a mediator that will make things easier, some embroidery that keeps me sane.  Music, laughter,life and art.  

Not a lot to ask for, so I have faith that if I just keep moving forward in a way that honors me to my essence everything will be ok.  The past is over, the future not yet here so I'm gonna make a choice to honor myself, love myself and live in the moment. 


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