My Gardening Angel

This is my gardening angel.  I embroidered her yesterday and framed her today.  I haven't decided where she is going.   I might just keep her until Albany Shaker or maybe not but for now she lives with me as I am a terrible gardener.  I just look at the flowers and they wilt, unless of course they are annuals then they thrive.

It could be a conspiracy amongst the annual flower growers of America or it could be that I'm not really a summer person and I prefer to be embroidering flowers in the air conditioning  instead of growing them.  Whatever the answer is at least I'll have my gardening angel until July(or maybe sooner if you need a gardening angel just email me).

I think I will embroider some flowers next to curry good favor with the flower gods.  Thanks for reading.  Blessings to your gardens.  See you soon.


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