Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Out of chaos comes peace.

This is the current piece I am working on.  It is a tangled thread pieces and since I am a bit caught up in my tangle of a life I thought I would talk about my process while I search for some peace and some answers.  This is my favorite kind of piece because it really starts with just a simple little design and then the colors and the needle take over.

 I start with a simple drawing as my embroidery needle is better at illustrating then is a pencil.  I then find the largest bundle of tangled threads I can find and pick out one thread at a time and then I look at the piece and decide where it will best fit. Each different color expresses myself at that moment and boldly goes where no thread has gone before.   I then embroider, filling in all the empty spaces with stitchery.  Making the piece whole and unified.

I love color and the interaction between each thread and it's intended location is a song to me. The randomness of picking a thread out of a tangled mess and making something beautiful out of it reminds me that even though our lives are tangled and sometimes we don't know our answers, a combination of different colors and experiences  make our day beautiful.   No strand of thread is too small for me to use unless of course it is too small to put through a needle. That reminds me that there is always something wonderful even in the most darkest of places. 

Try to find something colorful, tangled and beautiful and give it love today.  I am going to love working on my beautiful piece crafted from chaos and moving into peace.  Blessings.

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