Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All of Our Life is a Circle

All our life is a circle, sunrise and sundown is a line from a song by Harry Chapin. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert when I was younger and this was my favorite song by him.

It's profound but all of our lives are a circle. We all have a beginning and an end, a sunrise and sunset. And our lives are lived in circles. We have a circle of friends, a circle of families, sometimes several circles of friends and several circles of families. But we are all connected in some way be it the string theory(my favorite) or some other theory.

We all add to the planet and universe in some way. Either that way is positive or that way is negative. We get to choose our way in every single moment. We decide whether our circles are large or small. Do we care about ourselves, which would make our circle small or do we care what happens to people across the globe, which would make our circle larger?

The internet allows two people from completely opposite parts of the world to communicate in a way that was never possible before. We connect on a different level with everyone in this big thing we call the internet. I have to admit I love being able to reconnect with friends I had in high school and to remember just why they belonged in my circle in the first place. It allows us to share a song on Youtube because while you are watching a video there are hundreds, or thousands, or millions watching it at the same exact time somewhere.

The internet allows us to stay connected to what is going on in the world. On 9/11 millions of people sat transfixed to the circle of life and death unfolding right before our eyes. The horror of that day gave way to the biggest expression of love and connectedness that I've seen in my lifetime.

We shared in the grief, we shared in the love, we read stories about the victims. We were connected to those souls and to their families. We reached out to the brave firemen and policemen who were still there working every single day to try to find something that would give us all hope.

That day and those days after us connected us in a way unlike any other. It is time to remember that day and remember those connections and work together to bring peace to everyone we meet. We are all one little circle, sunrise and sundown, but we all live on this giant circle called earth. It's time to realize that our thoughts and our actions affect people all around us both on a singular level or on a planetary level and hold our leaders responsible for what they do in our names. It is time to clean up our acts, try to find peace within ourselves and try to save our planet and each other. The universe is demanding it. We all have a voice, let's use it for something good.

I hope your sunrise and sundown are beautiful, peaceful, and joyful. Blessings.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought on your work....if you want to make a living from your embroidery, as your technique is interesting, maybe consider working on a larger scale instead of small pieces? Your technique would work well on clothing or fabric used to make clothing. Certainly there must be a market for someone so adept with the needle. Unfortunately, I'm not sure small, immature designs, framed with little imagination will pay the bills. I don't say this to hurt you in any way and again stress your technique is remarkable and could probably be used to embellish wedding dresses or coats, jackets, or skirts sold in high end stores. How about a pair of jeans with something fabulous adorning the leg?? Or fabulous pillows shams... Expand your "circle" into the design field!! Learn what makes good design. Wishing you all the best.

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog and for giving me constructive criticism. Ultimately it is I who has to figure out which direction to go in with my work as I have to speak from my own heart instead of just listening to the voices of others. I am however branching out using more of my talents in hand embroidery and also with the rest of my fibery talents. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my I did not mean to offend as in my estimation there is nothing "constructive" about criticism and I truly apologize. In reading your blog it seems your intent is to earn a living thru your passion. In our field, that of artists seeking to fulfill our passion and cash in as well, we sometimes have to up our game and elevate our work into an arena where people are willing to spend money on fine pieces of art. As artists we create art that speaks from someplace other than our fingertips but as crafting-artists we have to elevate the craft. That is all I meant by my remarks and certainly nothing was meant of a personal nature. I can not imagine "just listening to the voices of others" and applaud you for setting those thoughts aside.

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you anonymous, I too realize I have to elevate my game a bit so no offense taken. Everyone seems to have an opinion about my work so it just comes as second nature to question it. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately everyone who has an opinion, has a different opinion, so I'm going to have to be a responsible artist and figure this out myself. Thank you again for your first comment and your last comment. I hope some day to see your work too!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has an opinion about your work? Are these opinions solicited and how does it come to be that there are so many different opinions and why? I'm just curious as I get very little feedback on my pieces. It must be nice to have so many people interested in what you do.

Tangled Stitch said...

It's not so much about my work itself I receive compliments, I use an unusual technique that blends colors and stitchery. It's my framing techniques and everyone has a different opinion. Wood frames, thin black frames, mounting in a shadowbox, matting, no matting,mounting on a canvas. Each person has a different idea and no two people have the same idea. This morning I have gotten an idea for something completely different which I am following through on. So we'll see what happens. Although I do still have a few pieces that need to be framed in something.