Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peace, shalom, namaste, salam. All of these words mean peace on our universe. If we look around we see there is very little peace on earth.

There are people of all religions who believe in peace, just as there are extremists who practice against that peace. All of the basic tenets of all religions follow the same universal laws. Yet there are those who twist and turn those laws to favor their own religion above all else.

They reap no rewards for this favor as there are so many wars across the universe which are said to be the work of Allah or the work of Christ or some other diety. Both Allah and Christ were peacemakers. Instead of finding the unity of the word peace, people are finding the words of war.

All of us living in the universe have an obligation to find peace within ourselves, find a tenet to believe in and share our peace with those around us. We must all tell our leaders that they do not speak for us when they talk about starting new wars in new places and dropping bombs on innocent civilians. There is room on this great universe for all of the universal laws to be withheld.

Find peace within yourself and share it with everyone you come into contact with today. Leave them feeling better from your presence and then move on to the next person you meet. It is only in finding peace within ourselves and sharing it with others that we listen to our hearts and not our dogmas.

Finding inner peace is a lesson I am working on from this moment on, as I find that living in regret and bitterness over the past is not what God really wants from me. He wants me to find peace and share it in this moment. Thank you for reading.

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