Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Butterflies are Free

Butterfly is available in my Etsy Shop. It is a hand embroidered butterfly on watercolored fabric and it measures 8x10. When my son was little we went to the Bronx Zoo for a school trip and they had this most beautiful butterfly kingdom. All these different varieties of butterflies but they were somehow contained in one part of the zoo.

My soul sort of feels like a butterfly stuck in one part of the zoo. It's pretty there and peaceful but it's not really allowing me to fly at the moment. So I'm trying to do what I can to move forward even if it's just a baby step. One step forward and two steps back but still moving anyway. My soul definitely wants to be free, to claim it's life and move forward. But my human life is kind of stuck. No matter what I seem to do I seem to be stuck in the butterfly net of life.

I do know that I have transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. A lot of really positive changes have been made so that when I figure out my destination I will be ready to fly. I feel if I listen to my soul and heart a bit more and let my head have a rest from the heaviness of the last few months. An outrageously wonderful solution will get me out into the wild and out of the zoo.

Our souls are eternal, they move from body to body for eternity. They know so much more then we do as people with logic and beliefs imprinted on our psyches. The logical route for someone in my position is to go get a job in McDonalds, suffer through it so I can get out of the zoo. Then surely I would leave even more of my soul behind. My soul tells me to follow my dreams which of course is foiled by my head which tells me it's impossible to live my dream from where I am at the moment. So where should I go and what should I do? I figure most of my problems lately came from my head and not my soul.

I'm not really sure where my soul was before this lifetime but anything is possible. I could have been a queen, a prophet, a poet, a writer, a composer, or a very famous hand embroidery artist. I could have been anything. My head tells me I am a hand embroidery artist and a blog writer and a woman who needs to move on badly. So I'm torn do I keep moving forward with the dream and take a risk or do I sit in my house feeling sorry for myself and hope that my dream materializes. I'm not quite ready for the dinner rush at McDonalds so this one is kind of a no-brainer which is good for my soul.

At the moment I'm thinking that perhaps my soul needs a little while to figure out which of the many things I could have been had I listened to it years ago. My brain seems to be badly in need of a tuneup of some sort. So I'm looking for a job that will at least speak to my soul and I'm going to really step up what I can do to move my business forward and maybe even submit some of my writing to a publication.

So there you have today's installment of a soon to be free butterfly(hope springs eternal as does my soul) moving out into the world with love for the future and love for the life she left behind. I do know one very important thing, when you lose your authenticity to live a secure, stable life you have already lost your soul. So my soul and I will be back soon with another installment of the crazy butterfly lady's life of the soul tomorrow. Blessings and remember our souls are eternal and you don't really want to lose it just for a paycheck do you?


Anonymous said...

I just resigned from a part time job I held for 9 years. It was a good gig for a long time, but really about broke my heart the last 10 months. I'm not sure why I held on until it was literally affecting my health. I think my self image is that I am loyal, conscientious, and hard working. So I ignored my inner voice and stayed the course. I had chronic pain and tearful jags for months. Finally, someone i trust gently told me they thought the pain was psychosomatic and recommended a book. I did not want to believe it at first, but my story was on those pages. I learned that when the heart is at war with the mind, the body can wage a revolt. My goal is to restore the balance, stop trying to live up to some ego image and live in a way that works for me. Sounds simple, but not easy!

Tangled Stitch said...

Thanks a lot anonymous. I think I too really have no choice but to listen to my inner voice. I may be swimming against the current but the idea of losing my soul worries me more to be quite honest. I think I have finally realized that when your head tries to be practical and you heart and soul say go for it, you just gotta go for it and hope you land on your feet. Thanks again for the great comment and thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

You can not separate head heart and soul. Thoughts become things, thoughts become things, thoughts become things! Choose the good ones!! Don't fight the current, life is about going with the flow! The past is the past, the future is constructed by the things you think, believe, do and say today. Be mindful!! Be continually conscious of what you're putting "out there". Integrate your whole being; there is no separation of body, mind or spirit. Life is SUPPOSE to be good! Embrace it!

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you for your comments. They are inspirational. Life is supposed to be good and lived with love. Thank you for the reminder.