Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Childhood Dreams

Peacefully sitting on the shore,
Silently wishing for something more,
A life not lived to the full extent,
Periods of time spent in discontent.

A childhood dream that is long forgotten,
A heart and soul that are misbegotten,
A flash of remembrance, a bolt of light,
A long held wish in the dead of night.

Oh please God give me just one more chance,
Oh please God, let me live and learn to dance the dance,
I promise I can do it if you'll just hear me call,
I'm sorry oh lord I never woke up from the fall.

Then all of a sudden a flash of light,
Go forward dear woman into the night,
To follow up on your every hope and dream,
Things are always so much better than they seem.

So forward I went with a lengthy pause,
A life full of purpose and meaningful cause,
To talk to the children who's dreams are still young,
And show them the way to write their own song.

For the dreams of our childhood are the ones that we keep,
They haunt us forever if we just let them sleep,
So follow your heart and you'll never be scared,
And remember that somebody loved you and cared.

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