Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daniel Murphy, Mets Player Extraordinaire

Today I am going off the reservation once again but not too far off.  Daniel Murphy just inspires me, what can I say.  Daniel Murphy has played for the Mets since 2008.  For most of his career he has been criticized for his fielding, suffered several horrible injuries, and still maintains a great productive, inspiring career as a New York Met slugger.

There is just no giving up for Daniel, two years in a row he had serious injuries to his knees, last year's being one of the most disheartening for this fan.  He has so much potential and it was just plain sad to see him out for the season the second year in a row.

Thankfully this year Daniel has found his spot in the roster,  and his hitting is getting as much attention as his fielding(which I think is just fine).   Last night he drove in 5 of the Met's 9 runs and I was lucky enough to be walking in front of my television to see him hit a 3 run homer.  Just joyous.  I don't really watch television anymore so it was a miracle really.

It's inspiring to see a player struggling to play hurt, to not be assured a position on the field, to battle back from injuries to finally reaching his hitting potential.  I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm that he brings to the plate and the field and am really glad the Mets stuck with him and that he stuck with the Mets. 

The Mets themselves this year are utterly amazing and it is a joy to read their box scores every morning and sometimes allow myself the joy of watching a game. So wish Daniel good luck even if you are a Yankee or Phillie's fan(grrrrr) because he is an inspiration to every athlete who ever thought they could not come back from adversity and he is an inspiration to this artist and her dreams too.

By tomorrow I should have some work to share or another inspired person to highlight.

PS I will not be setting aside a couple of months of time to embroider Daniel in his Met uniform unless of course he commissions me then we'll talk.

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