Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Fellow Artist

I am taking a small break from sharing my own work because I have several pieces in transition and not complete enough to share. 

These beautiful pieces are done by Chung Ah Park and they are available at Valley Artisans Market.  I just love Chung Ah's work.  It is so beautiful and peaceful and intricate and I just love to see what new thing Chung Ah brings in.

I shared her little gourd dollhouse because they are simply amazing.  I love them.  I do not have any idea how she makes them but they come completely furnished with the most adorable little decor you have ever seen.  They have curtains and rugs and furniture and even paintings on the wall.  I remember the first time I saw one of them I was completely awestruck, just couldn't believe how wonderful they are and complicated they must be to make.  She obviously has the patience of a saint.

Her pottery is also absolutely wonderful.  Very Zen and peaceful and simple yet complicated.  She just has such a wonderful peaceful style and they are made in beautiful peaceful colors.  I can't express my admiration for her work in anything else but superlatives so I think I will stop here. If you are ever visiting Cambridge(or Vermont or New Skete) please come on over to Valley Artisans Market and see the collection of wonderful art and artists that show their work there(including me).  It is definitely worth the trip. 

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