Give Your Children Wings

So many times we look at our children and think we know what's best for them.  We send them to the best schools, we try so hard to make sure they find success, The American Dream.  But what about those kids that don't follow the traditional track?  You know the ones that are not a doctor, a lawyer or an Indian Chief.

There is a Michaelangelo, a Beethoven, a Grandma Moses out there just waiting to discover themselves.  But there might be a parent who wanting only the best for their child tells them but you can't make any money being an artist.  Pick a safer track.  Go to college, become a business major, you can always get a job.

Yes they can always get a job and they can make lots of money at that job, but money isn't everything.  It can't buy you love, it can't buy you peace, it can't buy you security.  All it can do is buy you lots of things you don't need so you can cover up the lack the of the things you do.

Meanwhile, the artist finds joy in losing themselves in a passionate journey through their mind.  They can sit for hours and entertain themselves if they just allow themselves that gift.  When we are children we are taught to play, to dream, to fly.  We are not expected to make money we are expected to find the things we love and find joy.

I found joy as a child using various needles to stitch things together.  I'd like to think that stitching is a metaphor for the way I live my life.  I am grateful to have many wonderful friends,  an ability to talk to anyone(including a wall on occassion) and the ability to lose myself in what I love to do. I love to write,  to read,  to dance and to listen to music that makes me want to dance.

As I'm embarking on a new journey I have been looking for the illusive safe track while I try to keep myself busy or meditating to get the answers I need.  I've had hundreds of mediocre jobs in the past that just don't sound very appealing at the moment.  I am an artist, a poet, a stitcher, a writer.  The one thing I am not is secure enough in myself to be an artist, a poet, a stitcher, a candlestick maker.

My mother gave me wings, but she never taught me how to fly.  I've talked about my mother often and she was and is the greatest influence in my life.  She protected and nurtured my brother and I and taught us that whatever we loved was good enough for her.  Only problem is she loved us so much and she protected and nurtured us so well that we never learned to fly, to take a leap and fall every once in a while on the way to our dreams.

So here I sit writing my blog, crocheting a christening outfit and trying to figure out what I am going to be when  I grow up.  I think it's time for me to take a break and just be until I figure out who I am going to be from this day forward.  If I have something to write on my blog I will write it, if I have something to share in my work I will share it.  But the rest of the time will be spent taking the leap, finding some silence and giving myself wings.

Don't squash your children's dreams, tell them they can be anything they want if they just work for it.  If they just believe in themselves and if they just follow their bliss. Give them wings and let them fall every once in a while, so that they know they can get back up when things get tough.  Teach them that  life is too short and money can't buy you love.



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