Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter is the new name for this lovely finished piece(hooray). I love this piece and it is hanging on my wall until I figure how I wish to sell it or until I feel like letting it go. Right now it is a symbol of perserverence and strength. This tiny little heart sitting in the middle of a matt of tangled thread made beautiful. Just like myself.

Hand embroidering and writing my blog are my jobs right now. I am looking for a way to support myself so that I can move on, which was the original name for this piece. All over the internet and the world there are people following the same dreams I am and they are succeeding at it masterfully. They work really hard and they found peace and faith in their heads and most importantly they found a purpose they want to strive for.

My purpose is to use my experiences, my words, my visions, my dreams to move forward in a life that reflects the gift of creation that was given to me through the universe and my God. I must believe in my abilities to transcend this moment and in all the moments that follow, because I will no longer be defined by what anyone else thinks of me at the moment. I will not allow myself to fall into the pit of low expectations any longer.

The last few months have been heartbreakingly real for me and everything I believed about myself and others has been turned on it's head since I started this journey. Now it is time to move forward with a new look(a haircut and 35 lost pounds), a new attitude and a new spirit which will not allow me to quit when the going gets tough.

A year from now my son and my family and most of all myself will be very proud of what I've accomplished because now I believe in myself and my abilities. I will move forward in a way that reflects a new dream and a new passion. I have been blessed with talent since I am a child, but believing in myself and that talent has certainly been lacking. But not anymore, no longer will I be a person who lives in the past, but I will be a person who has transcended the past, moved past my comfort level and found a new way to move forward, independently and surely.

God does not give us all this talent to squander it away living down to other's expectations, he gives us this talent so we can soar and serve as an example to those who come after us. I am ready to take that purpose and move it so forward in my life that there will be dust kicked up behind it. Go find your purpose and inspire me with your comments. We are all on this planet together and we must applaud success and faith.


Anonymous said...

I have always believed in you. Your writing is showing the compassion you have uncovered. Let it shine. Beautiful. You have unleashed the power in you. There is no turning back..you are finally free. LILI.

Gina Sismilich said...

I love this piece - it speaks volumes!

Raghu Pandey said...
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