Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heart Tree

Instead of a meditation this morning I chose to go outside, focus on my favorite tree and observe what gifts of nature I would find.  I saw a heart in this tree, perhaps not a perfect heart but a heart just the same.  A slight, gentle breeze would arrive every few minutes and make the leaves dance not a cha-cha but perhaps a waltz.

I heard the hoot from an owl or perhaps it was two owls. Who, who, who?  I heard several beautiful song birds singing to the gently dancing leaves.  I heard a few loud chirps and maybe a few from baby birds with a tinier, more delicate chirp.  A blackbird flew by to remind me of the freedom of being a bird.  A buzzing from a bee melodic in its simplicity and it did not choose sting me which made me able to enjoy the buzz.  And there was a pesky mosquito who reminded me that it is a living thing we must show prudence some time not to destroy it.

The tree was beautiful against the lovely color of a blue sky, cloudless, but a striking color of blue.  The contrast between the different shades of the green tree caused by the sunlight, against the blue sky created such a beautiful backdrop. The peaceful blue of the swimming pool with the sun shining on it was lovely too.

My beautiful little dog ran around the pool looking for something to capture to remind her of her younger days.  And the voices of my neighbors, not loud enough to hear them, but loud enough to know that I was not alone in my backyard but surrounded by friendly human beings too.

It was a lovely half hour and I am so grateful I chose to spend it this way.  I now can go on with my day in a peaceful way.  I hope your day was peaceful and that you found a heart in one of your trees.

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